Vede & Crede is a premium organic and natural New Zealand skincare 
Vede & Crede Skincare uses premium quality virgin, cold-pressed certified organic oils and organic and natural ingredients sourced locally and from Morocco, the Middle East, ayurvedic India and France including ​highly prized natural essential oils from Grasse and Bulgaria.
Our serums consist of certified organic, cold pressed, virgin Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oils full of the fatty acids that skin loves including very high levels of Vitamin E, rare botanical sterols and potent natural anti-oxidants that have proven so effective in reducing the signs of ageing, they are fragranced with pure and/or natural essential oils and fragrances. 
Our soft, natural cleansing toner consists of French Rosewater, Red Sandalwood, Date and Soapnut Extracts.
These very precious ingredients are protected and preserved in specially designed glass bottles that dramatically reduce UV light absorption. Purple glass has been used to care for rare and valuable perfumes and oils since the age of the Pharaohs.
Sensual and beautiful for both men and women to use, our products are designed to uplift and transport you to another place and time where craftsmanship, purity and quality are all that matters.
​Welcome to our world!