At Vede & Crede we make products that we love to use!
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Above: The traditional way to make argan oil.

Our Philosophy


We try to buy our ingredients direct from the producer when we can to benefit grass roots communities e.g. our organic virgin, cold-pressed argan and prickly pear seed oils come from a family-owned business that we visited in Morocco.


That said, because of their quality, our natural essential oils including Bulgarian Rose Absolut come from a major perfume house in Grasse, France. We also source organic and natural botanical ingredients from ayurvedic India, France and the Middle East.

Our story

Looking back on it, the first step of this journey occurred way back in late 2009, when founder and director Chrissy HamiIton stepped into the cool blue and white tiled interior of a Berber women’s argan oil co-operative from the hot, dusty, ochre sands of the Moroccan desert roadside. At the time, she was looking for a way to work more in tune with her values as well as a new skincare regime that could gently calm, heal and protect her skin after experiencing burns from a recommended spa cosmeceutical. Initially just curious to find out more about argan oil, a powerful "secret ingredient". Although it was in expensive skincare formulations made by global cosmetic giants, few people outside the French, Spanish and Moroccan skincare industries knew what it was. It never crossed her mind that a year or two later she would be using it in her own formulations. 


Upon her return to New Zealand, Chrissy began to lab-test ingredients to ensure quality, and discovered a lot of cosmetic ingredients fell under the NZ Hazardous Substances legislation. The ingredients she was interested in were at the opposite end of the spectrum e.g. argan oil is used to treat burns in some French hospitals and a lower grade oil is widely used to cook with in Morocco. Realising the best way to control quality was to set up her own company, she began working with one of the top cosmetic chemists in the NZ organic and natural field. After a tonne of research,Vede & Crede Skincare was formed a year so later .


Vede & Crede Skincare products went on to grace the shelves of selected high-end spas, the old Kirkcaldie & Stains department store and organic and natural food retailers and markets around New Zealand. In 2016, the business had to take a back seat due to health issues. Trade continued mainly online until these were resolved, and through the grace of God, now, very late into 2019, the adventure continues...